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Some of our celebrity clients


Some of our Celebrity clients...

Mariano Rivera

Mariano Rivera - Hoboken NJMariano Rivera NY Yankees
We installed Pirouette Power Shades

Jeremy Shockey

Jeremy Shockey - Hoboken NJNY Giants
Silhouettes throughout the house as well created motorized Window treatments for his Master Suite and Living room

Jeremy Shockey's Treatments

Jeremy Shockey's Treatments - Hoboken NJ

Avery Johnson

Avery Johnson - Hoboken NJCoach of the Nets
We installed Designer Screen shades in his Living Room and Bedrooms

Avery Johnson Treatments

Avery Johnson Treatments - Hoboken NJ

Yi Jianlian

Yi Jianlian - Hoboken NJPlayer for the Nets
Installed Lumiette Modern drapes

Yi Jianlian Treatments

Yi Jianlian Treatments - Hoboken NJ

Terrance Williams

Terrance Williams - Hoboken NJPlayer for the Nets
We installed Duettes throughout his home.

Terrance Williams Treatments

Terrance Williams Treatments - Hoboken NJ

Olivia Longott

Olivia Longott - Singer
We installed Silhouettes in her Living Room.

Olivia Longott Treatments

Olivia Longott Treatments - Hoboken NJ

Senator Sandra Cunningham

Senator Sandra Cunningham with her new Nantucket shades installed by Interior Motif

Senator Sandra Cunningham Treatments

Senator Sandra Cunningham Treatments - Hoboken NJ
Enjoy our shop-at-home service - Hoboken NJ
Enjoy our shop-at-home service
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